Annoying People You Will Encounter at Every Casino

Everything seems celestial at the casino when you are roistering in your favourite game or hitting up the slots. The opulence of the architecture, the palatial furniture, the flamboyant fabric, the music playing, the dazzling lights, and the ambience is cascading.

While you are relishing each moment, that is when you, unfortunately, encounter some quirky dude levitating on your shoulder, dribbling the whiskey he just sipped while using your collar as a tissue.

This may be an overstatement, but we have all gone through that tormenting experience – luxuriating in a splendid time at the casino and then out of the blue walks in Joe Public.

The Observer

Slots are meant for playing and not to goggle others – then it is nothing but a creep alert. Slots have always had an inevitable charm, and those graphics heighten that beauty to a divine being but remember that if you are stationed at a machine, indulge all your faculties in playing and nothing else. This is because there is nothing disastrous and weird than that person stationed at a machine to eyeball the player adjacent to them.


The Dreamer

Dreaming is in no way an offence. All of us have dreams of winning big at the casinos to encountering your soulmate – an endless list. But this fancy should not detach you from the reality of the world. Your motto should be to keep it moving because at a casino, your ultimate motive is to play as much as you can, so getting stuck behind those people who stand idle can be extremely irritating.

The Moaning Myrtle

If you are a Harry Potter enthusiast, you probably know that you should keep your guard against Moaning Myrtle. These people moan all the time – eternally, floundering in self-pity. You can spot such people at casinos as well, and not a reality restricted to Hogwarts. These people whine about someone else’s luck. They give a pungent smell to people around them. And all of these negative thoughts probably make them detached from the blessings of Lady Luck.

The Pounder

Have you ever been to a slot machine and discovered that none of the buttons worked? What’s the mystery behind the controls, this will be the aftermath of a Pounder having used the slot before you. They are recognised by their aggression they deploy on the slots. This is like they believe that hitting the buttons will furnish them with the colossal jackpot. These people channelise all their anger on these machines, ultimately wrecking the vivacity for us.

 The Caveman

These primitive players lack consideration for fellow gamblers when they rock up the grand lobby without washing or applying perfume. You can smell them even if you are a mile away because of the stink that emanates from them. It only transcends a losing streak to a sour one when you have to end next to their machine or table – a nightmare that you would want to elude at any cost.

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